We have many years of expertise in inhalation therapy and strive to improve the lives of those affected by respiratory disease. Our inhalation devices provide effective and gentle treatment for upper and lower airway management.

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PARI inhalation devices

Synonymous with inhalation therapy and Made in Germany quality, PARI delivers effective and rapid treatment options for both upper and lower airway care.  Discover more about PARI BOY Classic and PARI SINUS 2 here. Read more about PARI

PARI nebulisers

Achieve short and effective (3) inhalation therapy with the range of PARI LC Sprint nebulisers that tailor droplet sizes to the therapeutic requirements of the lower airway. Short and effective=3 Burnell PK et al. J Aerosol Med. 2007;20(3):269-81. Read more about PARI

PARI portable nebuliser

PARI portable nebuliser

Experience modern inhalation therapy with the PARI eFlow Rapid nebuliser system- meticulously designed for silent operation.

PARI accessories and parts

Browse various accessories and parts compatible with PARI products, including filters and masks. Read more about PARI

PARI PEP system

A range of easy-to-use PEP (positive expiratory pressure) devices to mobilise secretions and strengthen the airways. Read more about PARI


Loosen mucus gently and effectively with MucoClear hypertonic saline solutions.  Suitable for infants, children and adults. Read more about PARI