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Article number Article Name Dimensions Packing size / Unit
041G0741 "Spiggy" PVC Mask with Strap For children 1 / PCE
022G3050 Mouth Piece with Valve Mouth piece with valve, compatible with all LC nebulisers. 1 / PCE
012G1720 Mouth Piece without Valve Mouth piece without valve, compatible with all Pari PEP devices. 1 / PCE
041E0701 Pari Baby Elbow Piece Elbow Adapter 1 / PCE
041G0700 Pari Baby Mask, Size 0 Compatible with all PARI reusable nebulizers 1 / PCE
041G0702 Pari Baby Mask, Size 2 Compatible with all PARI reusable nebulizers 1 / PCE
041G0703 Pari Baby Mask, Size 3 Compatible with all PARI reusable nebulizers 1 / PCE
078G5000 Pari e-Flow Rapid Smart Mask For children only 1 / PCE
041B0523 Pari Filter Pads x100 Pack of 100 Pari filter pads. 1 / PCE
041B0522 Pari Filter Pads x30 Pack of 30 Pari filter pads. 1 / PCE
041G0500 Pari Filter Set For use with antibiotics. 1 / PCE
018E2700 Pari PEP I Diaphragm Blue diaphragm compatible with Pari PEP I system. 1 / PCE
018B4020 Pari PEP S Inspiratory Valve Aerosol Therapy Lower Airways 1 / PCE
041G0740 Soft PVC Mask with Elastic Strap For adults 1 / PCE

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