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Mediplast is a Swedish Group engaged in the sale and distribution of medical-technical products, primarily in the Nordic region. Our range consists of proprietary products combined with models from a select body of renowned suppliers, with whom we enjoy exclusive marketing partnerships. We also export proprietary products to the rest of the world. Our central storage facility in Malmö enables effective and speedy handling of shipments out to our customers.

Our range covers a broad spectrum, from disposable to non-disposable products and some highly technical advanced products. We offer products spanning eight core fields: Operation, Thoracic intervention/Neurology/Orthopaedics, Radiology/Neuroradiology/Cardiology, Bandages, IVA/Anaesthesia, Otorhinolaryngology, Ostomy and Home healthcare.

We strive to be a reliable partner to those who use our products in the healthcare sector as well as our suppliers. We know that we develop through collaboration, made possible through combined knowledge of products, applications and benefits to the customer.

In addition to marketing of our products, we provide our customers with the benefit of our unique expertise. We believe that "knowledge makes a difference", and put a premium on the proficiency and expertise of our workforce.

Mediplast is part of the AddLife Group, which is listed on the Stockholm NASDAQ OMX.

More information on our products can be found under the Products heading.


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Mediplast AB | P.O. Box 1004 | SE-212 10 Malmö | Sweden | T +46 (0)40 671 23 00 | F +46 (0)40 671 23 10