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Our objectives


Mediplast's overall objective is to secure a strong position on the medical-technical equipment market, under our own brand as well as through product distribution.

We are further committed to our role as a reliable partner to users of our products within the healthcare sector, as well as our suppliers. This is achieved through the following:

  • We offer an extensive portfolio of products, combining a proprietary range with unique distribution products from well-known global brands. Thanks to the flexibility of our product portfolio, we are able to manage large contracts as well as small-scale customised solutions.
  • Our products are designed to contribute to secure, dependable healthcare, for users and patients alike, and we achieve this by providing a targeted, evolving selection and working closely with our suppliers.
  • We constantly reinforce the expertise of our employees through close collaboration with customers and suppliers, made possible through combined knowledge of products, applications and benefits to the customer. We believe that knowledge makes a difference.
  • We strive to make a positive contribution to the world around us through our Quality and Environmental system, our supplier's Code of Conduct programme and the increasing use of environmentally friendly materials in our products.



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Mediplast AB | P.O. Box 1004 | SE-212 10 Malmö | Sweden | T +46 (0)40 671 23 00 | F +46 (0)40 671 23 10