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About us


Strategy overview


Mediplast’s overall strategy is to further strengthen its market position within medtech products and medical disposables, both within proprietary and distribution products

  • Continue to ensure that Mediplast has a well educated staff ‐ “Knowledge makes a difference”
  • Offer a broad product range within its selected niches in response to market developments such as increased customer concentration and increased average tender sizes in its core Nordic markets
  • Continue to look for unique distribution products and/or complete product programs from “world‐wide” brands
  • Our customers = Hospitals
  • Continue to offer flexible and unique solutions (custom made) to quickly take advantage of trends and changes in customer behavior or demand – for example pre-packaged kits
  • Be in the frontline in development for new and more environmental material (we were one of the first companies in Scandinavia offering PVC‐free products)
  • Expand advisory board of medical expertise to cover all product areas – Mediplast’s goal is to have advisory boards in place for all product areas ‐ currently only in place for ENT






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Mediplast AB | P.O. Box 1004 | SE-212 10 Malmö | Sweden | T +46 (0)40 671 23 00 | F +46 (0)40 671 23 10