Mediplast wants to inform about what is happening with VORTEX.

The VORTEX that has been prescribed by pharmacies has been discontinued and replaced with a new model of VORTEX. The idea was that this would happen without delay between the two versions. But now we are in the situation that the old VORTEX is out of Oriola, and we at Mediplast have no more in stock.

We are in the middle of the application process with VORTEX to TLV, but when this can be approved we do not know at present. When the registration is complete, we will notify the respective Pharmacy groups in the country. We will also send dispatchers to prescribers in hospitals, departments and health centers, but also visit and inform via our website.

If you have any questions about this or would like more information, you are welcome to contact us below.

Michael Bejhem, Product Specialist North East:, Tel: 0706-951 386
Rickard Rasmusson, Product Specialist West-South:, Tel: 0704-175 031

The following article numbers are:
51G1001 203416 VORTEX
51G2021 732200 VORTEX with baby mask 0-2 years
51G2041 732201 VORTEX with baby mask 0-2 years