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MeCovers enters into collaboration agreement with Mediplast

2020-09-28 | Basic Health

Makes you feel less exposed

MeCovers enters into collaboration agreement with Mediplast – increased integrity for more women in healthcare

2019-12-10 | Basic Health

Bactiguard partners with Mediplast in Scandinavia

Bactiguard partners, a medical device company and healthcare supplier in the Nordic region, for sales and distribution in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

2019-12-06 | Basic Health

AddLife signs agreement with Wellspect HealthCare on the acquisition of surgery and respiration

The Life Science Group Addlife today signed an agreement with Wellspect HealthCare to acquire their operations in the product areas surgery and respiration. The agreement means that Addlife acquires a number of market-leading niche products with associated rights and customer agreements in several geographic markets.

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