MeCovers enters into collaboration agreement with Mediplast – increased integrity for more women in healthcare

MeCovers has developed an innovative examination skirt that makes it possible to maintain the patient’s integrity during various types of examinations. The skirt has many different areas of use, in particular during urological and gynaecological examinations and colonoscopy. Regardless of where it is used, the aim is to increase the patient’s sense of security in a sensitive situation.

“MeCovers is a company that shares our values and has a unique product that is completely in line with Mediplast’s core values, namely to focus on the patient as an individual and improve healthcare by delivering knowledge and innovative products. We are therefore very positive about this new collaboration, which gives us an opportunity to offer this innovative product to all our customers in the Nordic region, Europe and Australia”, says Johan Bongstorp, CEO of Mediplast AB.

“We developed the examination skirt because we perceived a major need for this type of product, in particular for women during gynaecological examinations, although it is fantastic that the product has gained an even larger area of use. Mediplast AB is a company with a large customer network that will enable our product to reach more of the world’s 4 billion women, which feels very rewarding”, says Karin Vangstad, CEO of MeCovers AB.


Alexandra Granberg

International Product Manager

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