Bowel care for everyday life

All Navina innovations are developed in close collaboration with both users and healthcare professionals. Together we make sure that the products not only relieve bowel symptoms but do so in a way that fits into peoples’ everyday life.

With Navina Bowel Care the choice is yours. Our product range offers a safe and effective way to help empty the bowel and to protect against leakage.

What is Navina Bowel Irrigation?

Bowel irrigation is a method to empty your bowel by introducing lukewarm water.

Navina Irrigation System has high user satisfaction and is considered easy ad effective to use. It includes a tube set, water container and either rectal catheters (in two sizes) or a cone. Whatever your preference, there is a solution for you.

Navina Classic

Navina Classic is designed with the user in mind, and is the solution if you prefer a manual control unit to operate the procedure. Navina Classic is a reliable and convenient choice, with color coding and descriptive symbols to make it easy to use and understand.

The two hand pumps on the control unit make it easy for you to pump and control the inflation of the balloon as well as the water instillation.


Product description

Transanal irrigation system

Product features

Navina Classic Control unit

  • On and off button for water instillation.
  • The two hand pumps make it easy to pump and control the inflation of the balloon and the water instillation.
  • Intuitive and descriptive symbols.

Catheters & Cone

  • Navina balloon catheters are available in two sizes. Regular for adults and Small from 3 years of age.
  • Balloon catheters with flexible and proven balloon seals the rectum and ensure catheter stays in place.
  • Cone shaped catheter for easy insertion and minimised leakage. From 3 years.
  • All rectal catheters are made of soft and flexible material with slippery hydrophilic surface for easy insertion and withdrawal.

Water Container

  • Sturdy and stable 1.5 liter container, yet collapsible for minimal space when not used.
  • Two scales make it easy both to fill up desired volume and to follow the instilled amount of water.
  • Lid designed to be easy open and close even with reduced hand function.
  • Practical strap for lifting and hanging of the water container.
  • Integrated lid (no assembly needed).


  • Color coded connectors to facilitate assembly.
  • Flexible yet sturdy water and air tubes.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Grip rings for attachment to the tube if increased grip is needed when inserting the catheter.
  • Lanyard for convenient suspension of the control units around the neck.
  • Positioning strap/clip making it possible to attach the control units on a leg or arm.
  • Practical Navina case for storage and travel.

Available for

Adults and children from 3 years.

Variants / Tips

Rectal catheter(s) or cone


  Total length Insertable length
Navina Regular 135 mm 106 mm
Navina Small 116 mm 86 mm
Navina Cone 116 mm 70 mm


Navina Catheter Regular
Navina Catheter Small
Navina Cone


Navina™ is the registered trademark of Wellspect HealthCare.


Instructions for use, Navina Classic Catheter (pdf 8632kb).

Navina™ is the registered trademark of Wellspect HealthCare.

Product availability and/or product specification may differ between markets, please contact your local representative for more information.


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