Working with human health is an important task. We at Mediplast meet daily dedicated people in healthcare who do their utmost to deliver better and safer care. A work that will increasingly be done to more patients, in less time and with scarce resources.

To improve healthcare, Mediplast is at your side, always ready to deliver knowledge and innovative solutions.

We believe in close relationships. By being in different care environments on a daily basis, we see your needs and can accommodate your wishes. And by having a high, accumulated expertise and years of experience, we can deliver back knowledge and advice that really makes a difference. All in order to offer patients the best possible care.

Close partner to Nordic healthcare

Mediplast is a Swedish supplier of medical technology products, with mainly the Nordic region as a market. Our product range consists of our own high quality products, often developed in close collaboration with our healthcare clients, and selected products from well-known suppliers.

Our product range is wide and includes everything from disposable products to advanced equipment of an investment nature. The products are in areas such as Operation, Thorax / Neuro / Orthopedics, Radiology / Neuroradiology / Cardiology, Association, IVA, ÖNH, Stomi and Home Health Care.