Surgical accessories

To perform a surgical procedure, an array of accessories is often required. Mediplast offers a large portfolio of products such as various types of needles, containers for safe placement of sharp instruments and equipment, absorption mats for the floor, magnetic mats, suture clips, marker pens and hair clippers with several different types of clipper blades.


Article number Article Name Dimensions Packing size / Unit
60P09066 Light handle cover 3pc/pack 120mm, collar 11cm dia, hole 15-50mm sterile 48 / PCE
60P09086 Light handle cover, 1pc/pack 120mm, collar 11cm dia. hole 15-50mm sterile 50 / PCE
60P0916 Light handle cover, 1pc/pack 150mm, collar 11cm dia, hole 15-50mm sterile 50 / PCE

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